Sony PS4 Voice Commands

Over the past year we have seen a change of heart from Microsoft’s initial offering, as they have moved the goal posts to appease potential consumers retracting some of their restrictions making their console more attractive. With this in mind, Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4 has not really adapted or enhanced any of the features or incentives, but it seems like Microsoft’s voice command function for the Kinect is one that Sony could be also be implementing.

With a similar feature to the Kinect for the Xbox One the next-gen PS4 might acquire the voice command capabilities with the use of the PlayStation camera, although we are unsure to what extent this will be functional.

In an intriguing article on Kotaku, they discuss a cryptic statement from Sony about the voice command feature as the company give us the impression this could indeed be the case. Rumours about this surfaced during a presentation made by Sony’s group manager of retail training, Sean Coleman at the GameStop Expo in Las Vegas last week, and this was uploaded to YouTube by the end of last week.

The video shows Coleman explaining how the PlayStation Camera and the DualShock 4’s light bar will be coming together to enhance the user experience. The camera’s lenses can monitor body movements, along with face recognition and this is no revelation, but during the presentation the words “navigational voice commands” are mentioned and since then, Sony has confirmed the PlayStation Camera has the capabilities to feature voice recognition.

Sony confirmed this in a recent statement sent to Polygon, and apparently they will share more details on this as we draw closer to the November 29 release. Speculation about possibility of voice recognition on the PS4 has accumulated rumours over the last month or so, although the details from Sony seem very vague.

This gives us reason to believe the option of voice commands could be a new feature from Sony, although we are inclined to feel this will not be as advanced as the Microsoft Kinect. While we wait to hear more on this from Sony in the coming months, we would love to know your thoughts on the possibility of voice commands on the PS4.