Star auditions for Leia’s daughter in Star Wars: Episode 7

As Star Wars enthusiasts look forward to the 2015 release of Episode 7 kicking off the upcoming trilogy, we are sure that details about the plot and cast are prominent demands when it comes fans requiring information. We recently spoke about the possibility of Emperor Palpatine and Obi-Wan Kenobi returning as force ghosts in the next film, but until we have official confirmation we are more intrigued about the younger cast members and those going up for auditions.

This is where an insightful report by Latino Review discusses news of an actress going for the part of Princess Leia’s daughter. Their sources tell them Rachel Hurd-Wood has auditioned for the part, although she is one of many trying to make it into the film. Known for her role as Wendy Darling in Peter Pan they do highlight that she hasn’t got the role yet, and they also mention another actor who has also gone for a part.

Apparently, Alex Pettyfer who starred in Magic Mike is one of many who have attending meetings about a possible role, but we are unsure which one this is. Could he be up for the part of Luke Skywalker’s son?

According to rumours this part was turned down by Ryan Gosling, although we are still in the dark about how much of the plot and casting will resemble the Star Wars universe, or whether a totally fresh approach will be taken to set up the following movies. What we do know is there will be a call for a few younger stars to take the Star Wars legacy forward for the next three movies.

We are under the impression the powers that be will start issuing relevant announcements about the film in the coming months, therefore we are compelled to link to our recent article which gave fans a rundown of Star Wars: Episode 7 prospects, in which we relay some of the information that has been discussed since the initial announcement of this and the other two films in the trilogy.

We would love to know who you feel would be ideal choices for the parts of Leia and Luke’s children, and whether you think Rachel Hurd-Wood and Alex Pettyfer are decent candidates.