GTA 5 3D map is breathtaking

In anticipation for the September 17 release of Grand Theft Auto 5 plenty of fans have been occupied by the continuing GTA 5 related news and reveals, but some have taken to creating and compiling information for other enthusiasts to marvel at. With this in mind, some fans have put together what seems to be a 3D map of Los Santos from the upcoming game.

The three-dimensionally rendered map is regarded as awesome according to Gameranx, and this plan view of GTA 5 is not like other existing ones that have been seen on the web, as this has been rendered solely in 3D displaying topographical features throughout this massive area.

From what we have been hearing the map in GTA 5 is absolutely massive heightening the hype and anticipation of the game, along with plenty of new features including the three protagonists, giving us reason to believe this game will not only be a welcome addition to the world of Grand Theft Auto, but we believe this game will have the longevity to keep gamers entertained for some time.

While some fans in the know question whether this 3D map has all the roads and minor details included, others feel seeing this map has given even more reason to wish the next two weeks away, as they cannot contain their excitement for its imminent arrival.

It seems as if Rockstar Games promotions for GTA 5 has given fans just what they want, and during the wait we have had plenty of details, trailers and screenshots to keep us wanting more, so we are unsure whether Rockstar will reveal any more information in the last push for the upcoming release.

Therefore, what other GTA 5 related details are you hoping to emerge over the next couple of weeks? Maybe you feel they have missed out something relevant.

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