GTA V on PS4 unlikely to see a release date

While many PC gamers hold hope that GTA V will come to their platform eventually, talk about the game releasing on the next-gen consoles gives us reason to believe this highly anticipated title would be worth bracing as many platforms as possible. With this in mind, a PS4 version has been contemplated, but there are no plans for this on Sony’s new console just yet.

According to Rockstar’s Dan Houser the company are interested in the new hardware, but there is nothing in the pipeline regardless of how good this would be on the next-gen console. There’s no doubt this multi-million dollar selling game would be a decent addition to brace the new tech, although it seems as if the company are more concerned with continuous work on the current title on the existing consoles.

With no other GTA titles in development the focus is on the current game, and no matter how exciting the continuation of the franchise may seem they will be paying more attention to GTA V on the launch platforms for the time being.

In an interesting article on The Guardian they document an interview with Dan Houser discussing the process of designing the extensive city, along with the future of this franchise. This also highlights the likes of female lead characters in the future and questions whether GTA will ever return to the UK.

The interview mentions the adversity of LA and how this city brings out a different perception for those who live there and those just visiting. Houser also explains how the large element of gangsters involved in the game does not intend to glorify them, but add some realism to GTA V.

As far as a female lead is concerned, the thought wasn’t contemplated originally, it was a case of they had three characters and they went with them, and a female lead may be introduced in the future if they feel it is ideal. When it comes to GTA V on the new hardware they are excited about what this franchise will look like ten years down the line, but they will be concentrating on the current game on the existing hardware for now.

Setting a game in London could be a success, and although they feel this would be a decent location, they also feel that a future game set in the UK is a viable option, but not specifically as part of the Grand Theft Auto series. So would you like to see a London version of GTA? Or do you think this franchise should remain in the setting of America?

In addition, what’s your opinion on whether GTA V should made accessible on every platform available?