Superman: Man of Steel ending controversy

Mixed reviews have come from those who have seen Superman: Man of Steel and before we go on to discuss the film’s ending controversy we thought it would be wise to warn those who haven’t seen it, this article does contain spoilers.

Man of Steel seems to have been one of the more successful blockbusters of 2013, and as one of the people who watched this and contributed to the massive $662 million dollar worldwide takings I feel that this was just a remake of the first two Christopher Reeve films with some minor changes.

To be fair the special effects and gritty feel brought this up to date, but the notion that Superman took years to adjust to the earth’s atmosphere was put in doubt when Zod from the same planet, didn’t not really experience these problems. While we liked the new take that Kyptonite is not dangerous to Superman, (considering he comes from a planet made of it) we also like the less irritating Lois Lane played by Amy Adams.

While Henry Cavill has the look, physic and talent to do Superman justice, many fans found the ending was not familiar to the moral standards expected from the Man of Steel. This is pointed out in an interesting article on Cinema Blend, as script writer David S. Goyer defends the controversial ending where Superman kills Zod.

The likes of grittier superhero films such as The Dark Knight has given him cause to make the character of Superman more human, as he deals with the issues of his background and his super power. The idea was to make this a more controversial ending than fans expected, and although many feel that Superman is not in the business of killing anyone, the situation with Zod was more a case of him or me.

This sets up the return as Superman has to deal with the fact that he has killed someone, and his moral compass has been tested. As far as the ending is concerned Goyer wanted to put Superman in an impossible position, which prompts him into making the harder choices.

As some fans and comic book writers stand by the stance that Superman does not kill there does come a point where Zod gives him the impression one of them will have to die. We understand that this could be a great way to set up the upcoming sequel Batman vs. Superman, as this could start off with the Man of Steel contemplating his actions, while Batman questions his morality and pushing his buttons.

The Batman vs. Superman film opens July 17th, and we are intrigued whether they will keep the aforementioned title, as some find films with versus in the title a bit cheesy, much like Freddy versus Jason, Alien versus Predator and the forgettable Strippers versus Werewolves.

With this in mind, do you feel that Batman fans are warming to Ben Affleck since his recent success with Argo? Maybe you feel that the title of the film Batman vs. Superman will mean the two superheroes will have to go head-to-head until they form an alliance. Returning to the original source, we would love to know if you think Superman killing Zod will have an effect on his character in the next film?