GTA V Online requirements for heists

For those of you wanting to complete in heists on GTA V Online some requirements will be needed to take part in these in-game co-operative missions. Heists within the game can be carried out in a number of different places including banks, jewellery shops and even gas stations and with the use of the microphone gamers can tell shop assistants to “put the money in the bag!

This will cause the in-game AI to act accordingly, and the more aggressive you sound the more intimidated they will be. Those in charge of the heist will be able to decide how much money their accomplices will get, which means the player in control can keep $10,000 for themself, and give as little as $10 to the others.

While the others decide whether this is fair or not, if they do feel this unjust they can kill off the player in charge, and take the money. As far as restrictions go an informative article on Product Reviews highlights the need for $200k apartments for GTA V Online heists. They discuss this upcoming heist feature within the multiplayer game and the minimum requirement being an apartment that is $200,000 or over.

While we understand that fans will have plenty of questions concerning this, we are under the impression that gamers will not want to spend much more on an apartment when they could use the excess funds to buy other things within the game.

Concerns will be raised as many gamers will not have enough money to buy an apartment, although we understand a free gift from Rockstar will make this easier. In addition, those gamers that have worked hard to accumulate these funds and purchase an apartment may feel they have done this for nothing if others who have not done the hard yards get an apartment given to them.

Have you already accumulated an apartment in anticipation for the upcoming heist missions?

  • Steve Wilson

    Yea but then il have 500k to spend on stuff I need to play guns etc

  • Hitman

    If you can’t gather up over 200k quick in the game maybe you shouldn’t be playing.

  • Dammit___Daniel

    I’ve got a $400,000 apt. and 1.25 mill in the bank. All earned by doing missions. If R* gives players an apt. for free, they better give me $200,000 in cash to even things out.