GTA 5 Online cheats use new money glitch

When it comes to GTA 5 Online glitches many gamers have been making the most out what can be regarded as a cheat. While some bugs have been halted with Rockstar imposing patch 1.03, one of the things gamers may not be aware of is a money glitch and this is ideal for getting hold of some of the more expensive apartments available within the game.

This can also aids heists and an article on Product Reviews highlights a video that promotes earning $100.000 every 2 minutes. In addition, GTA 5 Online gamers should expect patch 1.04 soon along with a free $500,000 form of compensation from Rockstar to smooth over the number of issues that gamers have encountered.

We understand that many players have worked hard to boost their money and feel that the $500,000 bonus will benefit those who haven’t, while the aforementioned site sees the video as the ideal way to accumulate funds prior to the 1.04 patch.

Throughout the video the author highlights the specifics when it comes to obtaining over $1,000,000, and this revolves around selling a Truffade Adder that’s fully upgraded. Therefore, those of you intending to make the most of this so-called cheat should do so now, before this is sorted out with another patch.

Have you given this a go? Or are you playing by the book? Either way the next patch should award you more funds to play with, so let us know if you feel this is right.

  • Hodari Harris

    so is there a new glitch? because the motorcycle one isn’t working for me?

  • TomHainks

    I think R* should of kept the glitch since it was the only thing that made Online fun in the first place. Gta Online is broken because of the most retarded Bad Sport concept that should of never been in the game to begin with!

  • TonyGodsey

    I think  they should have reset the whole server and made evreyone start over , people already running around in tanks and auto sniper crap no new player can even rival them

  • TonyGodsey

    @TomHainks  always take the easy road and cheat