GTA 5 Online money after 1.04 update clarified

There’s no denying that GTA 5 Online has had its fair share of issues since it became available, and although some gamers have been making the most out of the glitches, we can understand if some online players are becoming disillusioned by this part of the game. Only last week we reiterated news that the current GTA 5 Online aspect was experiencing glitches, and that one of them was allowing players to earn over $100.000 every 2 minutes.

While we also informed gamers to make most of this so-called cheat, we also mentioned the imminent arrive of a GTA 5 1.04 update expected to rectify these issues. Apparently, as compensation for this Rockstar intended to offer GTA 5 Online free money, but it seems Rockstar will not award this until the problems are gone.

Free GTA 5 Online money (also called $500,000 stimulus package to say sorry for online problems) will be delayed and report on Videogamer last week documented news that the first Online $250,000 deposit will be delayed until early this week. This is due to Rockstar confirming all remaining progress issues have been sorted first, and the free money will be in two instalments of $250,000 to GTA Online players.

Rockstar mention how their original plan was to have this fixed by the end of last week, but assure gamers that the first deposit will be made as soon as the progress issues have been dealt with. We acknowledge that some gamers feel let down by the way Rockstar has handled the online portion of the game, and the in-game money compensation is their way of saying they are aware of the problems this part of the game has had since its launch.

In an informative article on Polygon they discuss the GTA 5 patch 1.04 which is now available and highlight some of the fixes including the vehicle saving problems on the PS3 version. The 39 MB download intends to rectify problems which have amounted in vehicle purchase loss, although this patch does not come with the expected first instalment of the free deposit of $250,000.

In addition, they mention the updated patch for both PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles, as apparently the new patch updates a hard limit on the amount of money that can be lost when you die in free mode. Therefore, we would love to know whether you are still experiencing problems with GTA 5 Online?