Looking to GTA 5 1.0.6 features following 1.0.5 update

With the arrival of the 1.0.5 update for Grand Theft Auto 5 some residual issues have been addressed for the online portion including problems involving the loss of vehicle data within the game. As we wait patiently for Rockstar to issue the free virtual money as compensation for the initial problems, gamers are now looking at what features could be available with the next 1.0.6 update.

The 1.0.5 update addresses issues where vehicle modifications were disappearing or the actual vehicle would go missing and this was down to a cloud save failure. Other fixes include measures to prevent loss of date when there is a cloud outage and protection over player’s cash balances.

Rockstar are aware that this part of GTA 5 has experienced some problems and their support website is the ideal place to go if you have any queries or concerns, as constructive feedback it the best way for the team to focus on any on-going issues.

Their intention is to tweak and improve anything that is cause for concern among gamers delivering the best possible GTA Online experience. The GTA 5 Stimulus Pack is expected over the next couple of days and Rockstar would like to thank players for their patience as they look towards other issues that may need addressing.

This has caused some gamers to come forward and discuss their own issues with a couple highlighting problems with “Teaser Trailer“, in which some players have encountered situations where enemies are not dying even after a sniper attack to the head.

Others are still experiencing problems with modified cars being returned to their original colour minus the improvements. We have also heard reports that the new update has made the game worse than before with plenty of freezing issues.

As the staff at Rockstar work around the clock to deal with complaints and concerns we are interested in what fixes should feature more prominently and whether you are expecting plenty more updates to make the online mode more playable. What would you like to see in update 1.0.6?

  • jd

    after getting the stimulus package the audio seems to be cutting out and now i cant even get online cause it freezes on the loading screen anybody else having these issues?

  • asswipe

    and the money glitch still works, yay..