Gta 5 flying cheat on PS3 and Xbox 360

Those of you feel you just want more fun from Grand Theft Auto V may want to turn to cheats as there are plenty on offer that can help you within the campaign as well as in open play. What better way to see the surroundings of Los Santos than by air.

A cheat that allows players to free-fall instantly with the use of a code is called Skyfall on some websites and this gives gamers the opportunity to re-spawn above the map. The code you have to put in is one of the longer cheats available, but once you have put it you get to feel the benefits of flying through the sky.

Whilst in motion, players can direct their character in the direction they want to fly in, although we must inform our readers they will still be in a form of free-fall. Puling back on the joystick will prolong your flight spreading out to maintain a longer time in the air, while pushing up on the joystick will cause the player to dive bomb rapidly to the surface.

In the video embedded below we get to see this cheat in action along with the actual code to activate this. We also get told about the slow motion cheat, which will allow players to stay in the air longer, although we also know that using the invincibility cheat will save the player from dying from impact.

Check out the video below and let us know if you will be using this cheat to add more fun to GTA 5 experience.