Bastille Day movie storyline with Pacific RIM star

British actor Idris Elba known for his roles in the critically acclaimed HBO series The Wire, and movies like Thor, Prometheus and Pacific Rim will be trying to stop terrorists in a new film called Bastille Day. This terrorist thriller will involve Elba as the lead role who has to interrogate a child for his part in an attack on the Paris metro.

According to reports, Elba will play a U.S. operative in charge of questioning the suspect as well as making him disappear to avoid shaming the U.S. government. While they have the boy in custody more attacks happen which proves his innocence, but he could be the only link to the real attacker so it is up to Elba to find out what is exactly going on.

Discussing Elba’s part in Bastille Day Cinema Blend also mention how this sounds like a decent thriller with talk about the screenplay being written by Andrew Baldwin, who also has unproduced scripts including a remake of Logan’s Run and WWII yakuza film The Outsider, which is set to have Tom Hardy as the main role.

They document Elba’s career in both series and movies, along with rumours he is set to appear in the new Jurassic World film. The detective series Luther is also highlighted as they show a trailer for the third series, and while we are still yet to see Elba in a comedic role his talents prove he is worthy of a lead role in a film like Bastille Day.