GTA 5 jetpack cheat demanded for PS3, Xbox 360

There’s no doubt that many gamers have been enjoying the vast array of cheats available in Grand Theft Auto V, but when we look back at cheats available in previous GTA titles there are a few other that fans would love to see within this game. The jetpack was a great addition within previous instalments and this is definitely one that GTA 5 gamers would appreciate.

As we look at the jetpack available in the likes of San Andreas shown on the GTA Wikia website, we can’t help reminiscing over the opportunity to just fly up in a bid to get away from enemies and hover easily over targets, with the chance to shoot while in the air.

This jetpack also allows gamers to run around on the ground and float over the kind of areas that helicopters and planes find it hard to land, providing agility in flight. We understand that this was not exactly a speedy airborne vehicle, but what if this was an enhanced flying backpack that could rocket through the sky allowing gamers to explore vast areas.

The jetpack left players exposed, but this would not be an issue with the invincibility cheat as well, with the opportunity to wield weapons in the air and on the ground. Certain areas would be so much easier to reach with the use of a jetpack cheat and below this post we have provided a video of this unique vehicle in action on other GTA games.

With the evolution of downloadable content we would love to see Rockstar include this feature within GTA 5, and this also reminds us of other useful cheats that were available in games like San Andreas. We recently discussed the GTA 5 flying cheat on PS3 and Xbox 360 and the fun that has been had taking in the surroundings of Los Santos than by air.

The Skyfall cheat, which fans are currently enjoying in GTA 5 can be used with the slow motion cheat to prolong your experience in the air, along with an invincibility cheat for when you do eventually come down to the earth, saving the player form dying on impact.

Another cheat we didn’t mention also available in San Andreas was the opportunity to fly in cars and this was a great way to soar through the air in your favourite vehicle. This was especially humorous if you managed to get a massive truck or coach off the ground, and in some cases I can remember actually taking a screaming passenger on a trip of a lifetime.

We understand that many gamers are making the most of their GTA 5 experience enjoying some fun cheats, but we would love to see jetpacks within game. So what are your current favourite cheats in GTA 5? Alternatively, what others do you feel would be welcomed by fans?


  • airease

    I hope that it is already implemented into the game as a hidden secret. the mural inside the cable car house at the top of mt chiliad shows a jetpack. rockstar know it was hugely popular in San Andreas.. there is also another image of the jetpack man o. the sacrificial stone in the Altruist camp at 8pm each day..