GTA 5 Online unlimited reputation after 1.06 update

As soon as Rockstar issues another update for the online version of Grand Theft Auto 5, YouTube videos emerge showing further exploits and tips for gamers to use within this popular title. Plenty of ways to gain unlimited reputation have been seen after 1.06 update showing various legitimate methods and today we are looking at ways to rank up quickly.

Below this brief article we have embedded a video by EngagedGraphics that lasts nearly 4 minutes, as this shows an unlimited reputation tutorial that allows plays to rank up rapidly after the recent 1.06 update.

The commentator highlights the way to start off doing a job on your own by clicking on the Stadium Tour. Once you have started the job you are informed to change the settings, so that you can get more than four minutes so keep the number of laps to two and use the supercars.

Turning off the traffic will make this easier as well as closing off the matchmaking, then click play and start this on your own. He highlights his favourite car of choice, which is the Entity XF, and during the first lap he tells gamers to not to touch any of the walls or obstacles as this is an ideal way to gain 2000 reputation points.

The video below is an ideal way to get a visual impression of how to rank up quickly, so we hope this helps you gain more reputation points in GTA 5 Online.