Santa Tracker games for kids in 2013

Keeping those children occupied over the Christmas period can be tricky business for parents who want to sustain the excitement for their little ones, so the Norad Santa Tracker could be the ideal way to enjoy the build up to Christmas with the help of daily advent games.

Those visiting the Norad Santa Tracker website will be greeted with a whole host of great Christmas fun and not only does this site track the big man on his travels, but it also provides daily games with the use of an advent calendar.

This means as we get nearer to the big day more and more games are available, giving children choices of individual experiences in the lead up the Christmas Day. For those of you intending to visit this website we direct you to wait for it to load up and then select games on the left. When it comes to games, there are currently 10 on offer at the time of writing all highlighted in padlocks.

The open padlocks account for the 10 days of December already passed, and these are all individual games for children and adults to experience. This could be an ideal way to keep your kids occupied on a daily basis up until Christmas and we bet a few adults will also be enjoying the games on offer. If you were looking for something to keep the joy of Christmas relevant the Official Norad Santa Tracker page could be worth a daily visit.