GTA V 1.08 update needed for glitch persistence

No sooner than Rockstar issue another update for their popular Grand Theft Auto V title, another exploit is found, and since GTA V 1.07 we are still seeing the money glitch that is apparent with Los Santos Customs and player-switching. This has caused gamers to request the 1.08 update to deal with this issue and we are concerned whether you feel any other issues might need attention.

The glitch in question is in regards to the online potion of the game that has seen continuous patches arrive since its release and Product Reviews highlights money glitches being found after the most recent update.

Providing videos of the GTA V 1.07 money trick the aforementioned site shows us one glitch that was fixed and another that is still live, apparently. This could in turn prompt Rockstar to act quickly and issue another fix before the next update that is bound to block most of these money glitches.

While many gamers acknowledge glitches are an unfair way of accumulating funds, some feel that players are being pushed to do this because earning money can be really quite hard within this section of the game. This gives us reason to question whether any of our readers have turned to looking for glitches and ways to perform these cheats.

With some glitches claiming that gamers can obtain around $10 million an hour, we are interested to know if this has tempted you to go online and find out how to exploit this?

  • triskut

    The problem is that Rockstar allows people to buy in game cash at the rate of $20 for 1 million in cash. They have made it a pain to make money legitimately and most of us don’t have the time or money to buy/earn this cash. I don’t know what Rockstar expected. Until Rockstar either makes buying the money cheaper or easier to earn people will find glitches and exploit them.

  • Eclipsure

    @triskut I totally agree. I love GTA-5 however I and MANY MANY others feel Rockstar is squeezing us into a corner and has forced people to find not so proper ways around their the money problem. Until Rockstar makes the money making methods (missions, races, etc) more FAIR then you will surely continue to see these glitches found and exploited. Overall Rockstar just needs to not be so damn greedy and be fair to its fans that MADE THEM who they are today!

  • PSN Gamer

    Why should I pay real money for fake money when I can just get millions and billions of dollars from glitches and hackers for free. Rockstar has made it WAY too hard to legitimately earn money and I encourage any hackers out there to spread and share the money with EVERYONE. I have well over a billion dollars and although I haven’t been able to hack and share money like other people can do, I am offering to completely tune out and modify random cars on the street as much as possible and let other players sell it for money.
    Always remember to help a fellow gamer out.

  • Anonymous Gamer

    I was originally planning on not glitching when I first got the game, but it was so hard not to since it is hard to get money especially if you just got the game. I ended up glitching my cars so I could sell them over and over in order to get a house because if you don’t have a house in the game it really does suck. They should possibly make a house in the game free so that new players can already have a house and then later upgrade to a better house or just hurry up and release heist mode so that we can get money quickly.

  • Redd

    @PSN Gamer That’s really cool bro, anyways what was your gamertag?

  • Jae

    Need to fix that recurring car/SUV glitch too!

  • blakceffect

    I started off not doing it just as most says. But a game is made to have fun. And missions are not fun when you have a big map, people, cars, stores, JUST PLAYING FUN without doing one mission!! If they gave players 10-15k each day the y log on would be nice. Ammo, guns, fixing cars,  other things just cost way to much in the game compared to what is earned in just 2 hrs playing missions OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER!!!!!

  • MatthewJamisonMcGhee

    I have two characters the game took all cars from the first and put them in the seconds garage causing me to lose all my cars from the seconds garage which were cars i payed for and upgraded

  • Liam87

    The best cars cost way too much, tuning them up costs way too much, $50000 for a turbo, which can take you about 2-3 days to make! Another thing is how easy it is to lose money, a guy crashed in to MY helicopter the other day and he blew his car up but it ended up costing me $12000! That took me ages to earn! Have a word Rockstar! No wonder people try to use the money glitch!

  • Ace

    Please fix the SUV gltich. It’s not a few more SUVs than usual. SUVs are the only automata I see now!

  • JackHobbs

    I think it’s good that things cost a lot, I saved hard to buy and upgrade my banshee and would rather that feeling of satisfaction than glitching until I can buy a bugatti

  • josecuervojoe

    The whole earning your money thing is quite hard and then when you blow the crap out of a guy who has been consistently killing you over and over…. you blow his car up and you get fined 12000…. WTF. when you first start the game you take ages to earn that kind of mine. 
    When I first started to play I saw other players who had deck loads of money/cars/guns/sweet apartments and wondered how I could get it, I checked out the youtube tutorials but didn’t do it… I checked out about buying the gta$ cards but there is no way I am going to spend more money on the game after I spent €70 on the game in the first place. 

    Still I’m happy that we don’t have to pay an online subscription. 
    Cool game, just sort it out so that money is a bit more obtainable.