GTA V Online 1.08 features Capture mode

Although the online aspect of Grand Theft Auto V did not release without its problems Rockstar has made up for the problems with some decent add-ons to make this a popular section of the game. Tomorrow will see the release of the Capture mode within update 1.08, and we are intrigued what will be involved.

The hefty update arrives tomorrow 19th December at the ideal time for gamers to play during the festive season and VG24/7 details Rockstar’s latest multiplayer effort that includes a new team-based capture-the-flag affair. With 20 jobs available across four modes GTA V Online is becoming even more attractive to the newcomer as well as the seasoned enthusiast.

The Raid mode allows players to fight their way in to their opponents’ base and snatch a package for it then to be delivered to their home base in order to score points. Those reaching the target score or manage to deliver more packages in the allotted time than their opponents win the match.

Beachin mode involves four factions raiding each other’s stashes to gain control of the area’s tourist trade, and those taking products back their spot can have it. While the Wargames mode is similar to any military operation which involves teams stockpiling weapons to sell on the black market. The idea is to raid each other’s bases at either end of the facility, and those retrieving the goods will get them banked.

When playing Hold teams have to gather up and store as many packages as possible in their base, and these packages can be found around the map or stolen from the opposing team’s bases. Block Party revolves around the gang violence in Chamberlain Hills, and four factions with two packages each try to raid each other, whilst protecting their own stuff.

GTA mode centres on tasking players to steal target vehicles located all around the map, bringing them back to their respective bases, and My Maibatsu allocates four East Los Santos car thief outfits competing to get hold of a shipment of Sanchez dirt bikes, storing them back at their bases, as they prevent the other teams from doing the same.

The Field of Screams mode is about a tractor shortage in Grapeseed leading to farmyard chaos, and two rival gangs have to compete by bringing a Fieldmaster tractor back to their bases. Contend only involves one package in the middle of the map, as teams fight to bring this package back to their respective bases, although once the package is captured it respawns again in the middle of the map meaning it is game on once again.

Salty Snatch mode means two import operations at either end of Chumash Beach have to fight over a shipment that’s landed on the pier, and those retrieving their product back to their spot in the sand will find it is theirs to keep. In addition, plenty of fixes are said to arrive with the GTA V Online 1.08 patch and the aforementioned site provide notes for those requiring details.

This brings us to a recent post in which we discussed the GTA V 1.08 update needed for glitch persistence and we are hoping this will also address issues with residing money glitches that are apparent with Los Santos Customs and player-switching. Are you looking forward to the next update from Rockstar tomorrow?

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    Cool uptade then. i thought it was just improving the (BETA) Creator.