PS4 price in india, but no bundles


As the PlayStation 4 starts becoming popular all around the world we are intrigued about what deals other territories may be getting. Today we are looking at the PS4 emerging in India in the New Year as a recent press event held in New Delhi informs consumers of the cost.

PS4 price in india, but no bundles

From what understand the PS4 is releasing in India on the 6th January and will be available for 39,990 INR, and VG24/7 report on the Sony PlayStation India event that was presided over by Country Manager PlayStation India, Mr.Atindria Bose.

This event also included the entire launch plans for the next-gen device, but it seems only the base model will be available at launch, and we haven’t heard any reports of bundles being sold in India as yet. In addition, accessories such as the Dualshock 4 controllers and the PlayStation Eye will be sold as standalone units too.

Both of the aforementioned accessories will be accessible for Rs. 4,999 each, and prices for all the games involved in the launch line-up can be seen through the VG24/7 website. We thought we would name a handful such as Battlefield 4, FIFA 14 and Need for Speed: Rivals available for Rs. 4,499, while Killzone: Shadow Fall and Knack are Rs. 3,999.

If you are living in India we would love to know what you think about the price of a PS4. Are you disappointed that no bundles are included yet?