GTA 5 PC release, what we know

When it comes to the popularity of Grand Theft Auto V we don’t need to explain why it would be advantageous to have this game on the PC, and since its arrival on the PS3 and Xbox 360 we cannot help but look on the horizon to see if we will get some form of confirmation that it is indeed in the works. Many gamers are expecting this popular title to be released around six months after the console version, and if the previous game is anything to go by we could see this emerge in March next year.

Many happy gamers who have enjoyed GTA V on the consoles have completed the game already and started to benefit from the online multiplayer aspect, and we can understand how many PC gamers are eager to get amongst the action. We are looking at a forecast of a March 2014 release mainly because of the time gap between the console release for the last game, although we would expect a few leaks if it was coming any sooner.

The console game was leaked prior to its release, and we still haven’t seen any leaks for the PC yet, giving us reason to believe it could still be in the works. In addition, the only speculation surrounding a PC version has come from a Norwegian retailer’s pre-order page stating that the PC version will release on the 18th March.

We have no proof this is accurate information, but it does sound like a plausible date, and leaks from retailers regularly turn out to have some truth behind them. Another reason we think GTA V will appear on the PC is mainly because this is the ideal opportunity to cash in on the game and increase its popularity.

While the console versions of the game managed to reach $1bn in sales, the large PC community could bump up this revenue, not to mention a petition that has accumulated nearly a million signatures. Rockstar Games would be crazy to ignore this demand, even though they have refrained from talking about the PC version being made.

To be fair, many gamers are hoping for the PC version to arrive even sooner, as this could be an anti-climax if it appears too late on in the year, and we are sure by the petition and fans demands Rockstar are aware of the need to get this out as soon as possible. The fun that can be had with a PC version would surpass what is available on the consoles, as we saw with the previous game and mods that can improve an already decent title.

PC gamers wanting GTA V seem to show plenty of positivity about its eventual release, but at the moment it looks like everyone is expecting this, except Rockstar. (Or so they say) This also gives us cause to question whether a next-gen version would also be in the pipeline and whether we could see GTA V brace the PS4, Xbox One and PC anytime soon.

Surely the more platforms GTA V is available on the more revenue is accumulated and these developers are always going on about the gamer being the priority, so GTA V on more platforms would definitely please more gamers. As for next-gen releases, a title like GTA V could in turn increase the user base prompting more gamers to make this transition.

With that in mind, we would like to know if you are confident it will actually come out on the PC at all. If so, when do you think a PC version of GTA V will arrive?