New 300: Rise Of An Empire teases new character

Fans of the original 300 film will be glad to know the epic sequel will be releasing in the early part of next year, although we are starting to see images of new characters emerging for the upcoming film. 300: Rise Of An Empire will see new addition Sullivan Stapleton as the legendary Greek hero Themistocles in a story said to parallel to the first movie in Thermopylae.

In an informative article on Cinema Blend they show some images of new posters for the film with the main one showing Sullivan Stapleton looking victorious. In this film the protagonist leads his army into a naval battle against the Persian forces in a bid to stop Greece destroyed.

The leader of the Persian navy is Artemisia (Eva Green), who is a commander intent on vengeance against the Greeks, with Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro) playing the god-king. Sullivan Stapleton is said to be an emerging talent known for his part in 2010’s Animal Kingdom, and this could be the Australian actor’s breakout role.

It seems that the posters have been popping up on a daily basis and the aforementioned site expects one of Xerxes soon. 300: Rise of An Empire will be releasing on March 7th, 2014, so are you looking forward to another epic battle in this upcoming movie?