GTA V 1.09 update wish list for patch

With the imminent arrival of the 1.09 update for Grand Theft Auto 5 we are sure many fans of the game would like to see some beneficial improvements to make their experience much better. We are sure you have some ideas of your own so we are interested what would improve your multiplayer experience in GTA 5.

Below this post we have embedded a seven minute video that discusses some useful changes that many gamers are bound to support, and first up we understand that the auto aim aspect can be problematic when it comes to accidentally highlighting friends that you are reluctant to shoot, and the presenter feels that the auto aim should not focus in on their compatriots.

Losing ammo during heists and missions affects the free roam play as gamers continuously have to visit the ammunation stores to top up depleted ammo, and this can be annoying when you are being attacked. Other improvements to the game include the option to buy Molotovs from the store.

Another irritating aspect is when you have to wait for someone to leave a like or dislike to an activity or a job, as this can be a time wasting process. In addition, another thing that some gamers find annoying is the radio station, as many would like to choose their own as a default.

Receiving calls from other NPCs that serve no purpose can also be a pain, so there should be an option to turn off all calls from random NPCs, or have some way of them being discarded after a couple of ignored calls.

More customisation for character models like obese and skinny options, as well as more hairstyles on offer would also be beneficial for gamers that what more to choose from. These are just a few of the improvements that this gamer wants to see in Rockstar’s new update, therefore we would love to know what else you feel should be improved within this game to make it even better.


  • WoollyBee


  • girliegrl

    Long hair for female characters. I’ve seen npc with long hair so its doable

  • JohnCraft

    Thank you! Also checkout this cool guides

  • jramos3939

    bullet proof windows

  • dave503940

    More super cars and new guns

  • asdasdaasdasd

    @WoollyBee are you chinese?

  • dave503940

    And pets and Bigger apartments! You should be able to get more than 1 garage

  • jramos3939

    more super cars ability to own multiple homes and more guns(stun gun)

  • Jake LaMotta

    No. You can’t expect people to defend themselves from vehicular homicide using expensive ordinance and then pay for your insurance on top of that. Your idea sucks.