Best GTA 5 crazy jet stunts are epic

We’ve seen so many crazy videos of people doing some amazing stuff on GTA 5, such as awesome chases, strange glitches and so much more, but we especially like these collection of crazy jet stunts, which we have to say are epic.

We have embedded a video for you below that someone has put together that brings a collection of the best GTA V crazy jet plane stunts, and some of them have to be seen to be believed.

The video begins with a character sitting on a sofa and turning the TV on and then starts to flick through the channels. It isn’t until he gets to planes doing some awesome stunts that he seems content with what he is watching.

The music that you hear with the first set of stunts makes you think of jet fighters from the start, as it is from Top Gun, although we do wish we were watching an F14 instead of what can only be described of as an F16 made to look like an F18 at the rear.

It’s not until you get to 1.11 in the video that we see one of the best and craziest Grand Theft Auto jet plane stuns of all, upside down flying though a narrow tunnel.

In other news, GTA 5 is set to become one of the best selling games in the UK, which isn’t bad considering the game has only been on the market for almost 4 months.

We know that the next patch for GTA V will be v1.09, and so we thought you might find it interesting to look at a wish list for the next update.