Hints suggest Mass Effect 4 might not be name

BioWare has been very subdued in releasing details in regard to Mass Effect 4, but they have let slip a few details, one of which is to do with its name. If we are to believe what the developer had to say then this will not be its name at all, and so this leaves a huge question mark as to the name of the next Mass Effect title.

This should not come as a huge shock because we have seen several developers do the same with some of their franchises, but it does make you wonder what they plan to do.

We say this because not calling it ME4 will create a huge amount of confusion because one would assume the next game will be a prequel because it will not keep in line with its prefix. However, BioWare already said towards the end of last year that it would not be a prequel.

So why would it not be called Mass Effect 4 if it is not going to be a prequel? This is a good question and one that could be very simple to answer. Calling it ME4 would mean it would be sticking to the same kind of storyline, but we already know the developer has ruled out Shepard appearing in the next game.

Having said that BioWare has also said the next Mass Effect game will not be a spin-off, which to us is yet another curveball.

Whatever direction the next game from the franchise goes in, changes need to be made because Mass Effect 3 received a lot of criticism, which is why the developer has said they will make improvements to several key areas, such as graphics, user interface and to the controls. Don’t expect the game to be released in 2014, as EA has said this is out of the question.

What do you think the name of the next Mass Effect game should be called and why?

  • Tekreo

    The problem I have with that question is answered with a question of my own. How do you name a video game accurately with an interesting and relevant title when you don’t know what the game is about?

  • Crusader_Prophet

    In my opinion BioWare is going to capitalize on the romance aspect of ME series. Players will be able to create a protagonist of any species depending on who Shepard romanced in previous trilogy. The new protagonist will be Shepards child.