Call of Duty Ghosts Xbox One LAN support is imminent

Fans of Call of Duty: Ghosts will be pleased to know more improvements have been contemplated for this popular shooter with recent news that the company intends to add Xbox One LAN support. CoD: Ghosts is set to receive eSports enhancements and this is all down to community feedback.

According to a report on Polygon, Infinity Ward is planning to add a number of competitive gaming focussed updates for the game and this is currently being discussed through the CoD: Ghosts community page, along with changes to the competitive rules and the broadcaster mode.

These hot fixes and TUs are expected to come over the next few weeks, as well as improvements to parts that are affecting all players like spawns. Senior Community Manager Tina Palacios mentions how they are focused on the sections that are affecting the majority of players, and this is where gamer’s feedback has given them some insight into changes that need to be made.

In other CoD: Ghosts news, we recently highlighted the Ghosts Warhawk map and visualized this for both newcomers and season veterans who may be familiar with this. We pointed our readers in the direction of a video that guides users through various buildings and flank routes on Warhawk, which also focuses on the most effective positions to engage the enemy, along with certain areas that you may want to avoid. Returning to the original source, what other improvements would you like to see in Call of Duty: Ghosts?