Man of Steel 2 script and story still developing

For some time now we had been calling the Man of Steel sequel Batman vs. Superman, but that never really sat well with most fans, and so Man of Steel 2 does seem to sound far better. However, we can be certain that if studio bosses stick with this they will add some other awkward title after the first part.

Back to the news at hand though, as it seems that Amy Adams (Lois Lane) has some insight for us because she said that the first draft for the Man of Steel 2 script is now complete. However, do not think that the story is set in stone, as things are still in the development stage and changes to the script and in turn the storyline will change along the way.

According to CinemaBlend, Adams told Jimmy Kimmel that she has read the first draft and that the movie will begin filming soon. Seeing as though Amy Adams has been able to read a first draft of the Man of Steel 2 script shows that she will still feature heavily in the movie, which for us is a good thing seeing as though she brings something extra to the movie.

We still have no clue as to the Man of Steel 2 storyline, but we do know it will be a Superman movie, even if Batman (played by Ben Affleck) will feature in the movie. And with Adams still having a major role that can only mean that we get to see the relationship between Lois and Superman blossom.

Let us hope that Amy Adams, Diane Lane and Laurence Fishburne all get their fair share of screen time, as it would be such a waste of great talent.