Skyrim vs. Fallout 4 for PS4 and Xbox One, former wins

There has been plenty of speculation regarding the possibility of Fallout 4 coming to the next-gen consoles and the demand from gamers has been high, but another favourite from Bethesda could also be on the horizon. As we consider both Skyrim and Fallout 4 releasing on the PS4 and Xbox One we are intrigued to know which one you would prefer the most.

According to the Bethesda website, Skyrim has been listed on both the Xbox One and PS4 consoles and Only SP question the legitimacy of this. Going by a recent email,, Bethesda could be announcing this in the coming days with the 12th January as the proposed date.

The email is also highlighted on the Bethesda website, along with Xbox One and PS4 versions of Skyrim on its product listing. While some may question why Bethesda would be updating Skyrim for the next-gen systems, it seems the popular Tomb Raider game is also doing the same thing, and Redditors are confirming the email, therefore we feel this is a plausible idea.

We understand that Fallout 4 has been prominent in many gamer’s minds and this could boost sales on the next-gen consoles, but some feel that something as old as Skyrim will not be as well received as Fallout 4. Surely other released titles like GTA V and The Last of Us would also help sales?

In other related news, last month we discussed Fallout 4 scripts and character descriptions, along with the fiasco that came with the teaser site that has caused many gamers to disregard any reports on this until we receive some official information. We highlighted more rumours about the game, but informed our readers to take any recent news on this with a big pinch of salt.

Everything from possible settings and the plot has been speculated, although the actual existence of Fallout 4 has been very vague to say the least. But we are keeping our fingers crossed Fallout 4 is indeed on the cards, even though we understand how popular Skyrim is. So, would you like to see a brand new Fallout 4 game released on the next-gen or would you like to see the older Skyrim sometime in the near future?

  • bobbythompson

    I would want both released eventually but first I wox want the legendary skyrim edition to come out on ps4