The Amazing Spider-Man 2 rumors on new villains

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is scheduled for release on May 2nd this year and this sequel looks set to have a number of villains to contend with. The likes of Rhino and Electro seem to be the main culprits, but it looks like more speculation surrounding additional villains has been doing the rounds on the web, excuse the pun!

According to a report on Cinema Blend a viral site teases a possible cloning subplot, although it is thought that the viral site, The Daily Bugle is mainly to do with educating casual Spidey fans on the amount of Spider-Man villains available in the world of Marvel.

With that in mind, we cannot see Marc Webb and co cramming that many bad guys into one film, without contemplating god knows how many sequels to accommodate them all. One of the villains recently teased by the site is Dr. Miles Warren, who enrols students into his biogenetics class at Empire State University in Manhattan.

The aforementioned site provides images of the comic sketch that involves this character, and highlights how he in turn becomes the Jackal after experimenting with non-ethical cloning methods. In addition, they highlight how prior to his transformation and going completely evil, Warren had strong feelings for Gwen Stacy.

As the story pans out, Dr. Miles Warren’s evil side is brought to a head when his beloved dies at the hands of the Green Goblin, sending him crazy. With the story spiralling out of control from there onwards we cannot help feeling this would be ideal for another sequel, although we are sure Spidey enthusiasts will probably have some other ideas and stories in mind to carry this popular franchise forward.

Last month we discussed the trailer breakdown providing some insight into the main characters and some of the new encounters Spidey has to face. We highlighted the prominence of Oscorp and director Marc Webb’s thoughts about everything from the story to the characters involved.

This gives us reason to ask, what are the top villains on your list to keep Spider-Man on his toes? Maybe you would like to see the Puma or Shocker involved before the Jackal.