Auburn Football 2014 recruiting pays off

Auburn Football looks set to make the most of four early enrollees on campus as the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College intend to bring in some fresh talent for 2014. Receiver D’haquille Williams (12) is one of five that have already started classes and Coach Gus Malzahn is impressed with the new talent.

In an article on the Ledger-Enquirer they discuss Williams as one of the main candidates showing their worth during Auburn’s 2014 recruiting class for the spring semester. Wide receiver Williams is regarded as a top junior college prospect despite his position and Gus Malzahn has commented about Williams being “off to a good start“.

D’haquille Williams is regarded as good as they come and the stats for the 6-foot-3 Louisiana native means his freshman year has been eventful after catching 17 touchdowns and tallying 1,295 receiving yards. His past injuries have been documented during this season and how he still led the team in every major receiving category, with 51 receptions, 733 yards and 9 touchdowns.

Other early enrolees include receiver Stanton Truitt, tight end Chris Laye, safety Derrick Moncrief, and center Xavier Dampeer and these along with Williams will have the chance to take part in “discretionary workouts.” This involves having time to train on their prior to off-season workouts that begin next month, with conditioning Coach Ryan Russell.

Malzahn discussed the inherent advantage for the early enrolees and the opportunity to jump directly into the thick of things. He also mentions how the transition is easier between junior college players, as opposed to those from high school. With high expectations for all five it seems that Williams has arrived with the most hype out of the first-semester quintet, and the advantages of junior college transfers Dampeer, Moncrief and Williams may seem more prominent than high school transfers Truitt and Laye.