The Bachelor 2014 Episode 2 excitement for Juan Pablo

The new series of The Bachelor sees Juan Pablo Galavis looking for love among a larger group of contestants than before, as ABC’s hit show continues tonight. According to reports, things are going to get a bit wild and we are eager to find out any spoilers that can give us some insight into how this year’s show is going to pan out.

Examiner reports on leaks as spoilers were shared on the show’s Facebook page, which Bachelor enthusiasts won’t want to miss out on. From what we are hearing from a preview, topless bachelorette Lucy Aragon doesn’t have any reservations about chatting to other bachelorettes in the hot tub, and she might even have some topless company as far as tonight’s show is concerned.

Questions have been asked about whether this type of outgoing personality is what Juan Pablo is looking for, although from his own comments we cannot see this pair going on to be a long-term match. In addition, spoilers suggest Lucy’s topless antics may not be the most outrageous moments in this episode.

Last week we provided a recap of the first episode and the increased contestants involved, along with chats and concerns as Juan Pablo caught up with previous bachelor Sean Lowe who is ready to tie the knot with his sweetheart Catherine Giudici in a special for TV. They discuss their nerves and remember names, not to mention kissing techniques.

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