False The Hobbit There and Back Again release date claim

Fans of the recent The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug sequel will be now looking for information on the release of the final part of the trilogy, but it seems the scheduled date has been producing some vague rumours. Speculation surrounding this has even amounted in talk of it being delayed or scrapped, although we cannot see this being binned.

Discussions about the third Hobbit film seem to be going back and forth and Yahoo documents the recent rumours as false, although they do highlight news that the Weinstein brothers are suing Warner Brothers over the Hobbit films. Additionally many websites are talking about the “There and Back Again December release date claim.”

While speculative reports suggest that the upcoming film could be delayed or worse still, scrapped altogether, we understand that this could be worrying for fans. Without providing too many spoilers the end of The Desolation of Smaug was a cliff-hanger to say the least, and we do not believe that this will be left as it is, even if there is a delay in the third instalment.

The aforementioned site goes on to explain the current situation in more detail, along with references to other web pages that are giving us the impression the next film is in trouble, but the long and short of it is that this movie will not be affected in any way by the current legal battle.

Last month we looked at The Desolation of Smaug review consensus and perceptions of the latest Tolkien adaptation. While mixed reviews have been accumulating, some suggest that Peter Jackson has added too much to stretch this trilogy out. Others feel that Jackson has made the film adaptations more exciting and that he has extended the original novel to be more attractive on the big screen.

We must admit that in both Hobbit films the soundtrack is regarded as intrusive, although we are aware that some fans feel this adds to the immersion. We discussed whether The Hobbit should have been one long film or just two, instead of three long ones that may seem to draw the story out, but generally, we love these movies and applaud how they have been extended to keep us looking forward to more.

Other reviews suggest that the recent movie built on the first providing more pace and a cohesion that was lacking in the first and this also had some humorous moments that were lacking in The Hobbit. Additional characters are regarded as an asset to the film, while some feel that Jackson has put in too much to make this into a trilogy.

This gives us reason to ask our valued readers whether they feel a trilogy has diluted Tolkien’s masterpiece, or do you feel Peter Jackson has provided more of the Hobbit for fans to enjoy?