Latest Captain America: The Winter Soldier eye candy

Out of all the standalone movies leading up to the Avengers Assemble blockbuster the first Captain America film was surprisingly good, giving superhero fans reason to contemplate Steve Rogers as a worthy hero. Therefore, the arrival of a sequel has got us excited for another visit into the world of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

The sequel is scheduled to arrive in theatres on the 4th April, 2014 and Total Film highlights some new images that have surfaced online including Anthony Mackie’s Falcon character. In addition, Chris Evans discusses the relationship between his character and Falcon along with how this film throws these two together.

Anthony Mackie’s used to serve, but now works at the VA, counselling those returning with PTSD and Captain America could do with a bit of this after his previous endeavours. As Steve Rogers seems to have come to terms with his future surroundings Evans says “He’s relatively acclimated to the modern day,” and the tech does not come as a shock to him anymore.

For some reason sequels always provide a fair amount of scepticism and fans worry that much like other sequels this could fall short of any hopes and expectations, which gives us cause to highlight a previous article where we discussed the scrutiny behind the Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer.

According to the stats, Captain America: The First Avenger was one of the lowest grossing films of all the Marvel Studios productions, along with The Incredible Hulk. Personally, these are my favourites, but I cannot argue with the statistics. Forbes feels that the new Winter Soldier film has the biggest uphill battle to contend with, while Iron Man and Thor instalments seem to be getting the lion’s share of the attention.

Captain America didn’t have the air time and presence as the others involved in The Avengers, making the other characters more prominent among fans, although some comic book enthusiasts feel that the new Captain America is more grounded in compliance with the stories.

We cannot help but retain our excitement nonetheless, and The Winter Soldier looks set to bring in more major roles for the likes of Scarlett Johansson and Samuel Jackson, not to mention the introduction of the new superhero The Falcon.

Latest Captain America  The Winter Soldier eye candy 2

Other new recruits include Robert Redford as Alexander Pierce, Sebastian Stan as James “Bucky” Barnes (the brainwashed assassin Winter Soldier), and UFC fans may recognize Georges Batroc played by fight favourite Georges St-Pierre.

When it comes to the release date some feel that Captain America should be released on the 4th July, but we are not arguing with an earlier release of April, 2014. Are you looking forward to The Winter Soldier? Or are you apprehensive about this sequel?