Chris Pratt in Jurassic World says Ron Howard

Twitter is a minefield of information, and on occasion we get a nice titbit posted to do with the movie world. And back on Monday there was a tweet from Ron Howard about daughter Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt that kind of confirms some major movie news.

In the tweet, Ron Howard has posted an image of when Bryce and Chris first met on the red carpet, and then continues to say ‘they will be co-stars in next Juraissic.’

It would seem Ron has made a bit of a spelling mistake there, but according to the report by Cinema Blend, maybe he doesn’t mean Jurassic World. However, it looks like Ron’s finger slipped considering what is already known about the upcoming Universal film.

Daughter Bryce has been linked to Jurassic World since back in September, whilst Pratt has been in negotiations for a part since November, although obviously nothing has been confirmed. But it could be that Ron has now put the seal of conformation on the deal with this tweet.

Since hearing the rumours back then, other names associated with the movie have been rumoured to be everyone from Jason Schwartzman to Idris Elba, and now the production start date has been announced, it shouldn’t be too long before Universal puts out a press release confirming what Ron has already tweeted.

Jurassic World continues twenty-two years on from the first film, and should be viewed as an extension to the developing story rather than a reboot. So there you have it, a kind of conformation that Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt will co-star in Jurassic World, but we all know the real stars of Jurassic films are of course the dinosaurs.