Justified: The Kids Aren’t All Right episode recap

There are so many TV shows now that it is hard to know which ones are worth investing your time in, and those acquainted with Justified will know all about U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens and how he enforces his own brand of justice that prompted his bosses to reassign him to his home town. Based on Elmore Leonard’s novels Pronto and Riding the Rap the show first appeared back in 2010 and we are eager to know what has been happening in The Kids Aren’t All Right episode.

In an informative article on TV.Com a recap of this episode looks into the criminal world of Harlan County and how orphan teen Loretta seems to be getting away with much more than many toothless hicks can. She is a bit worrying as she is one of the few residents that can stand up to Raylan Givens.

Loretta came back in “The Kids Aren’t All Right,” for the first time in a season and is regarded as one of the most popular characters, while fans enjoy the fact that she brings out something different in Raylan. The article goes on to explain the relationship between the pair and how Raylan Givens punishes the 15-year-old when needs be much like a real dad.

Loretta’s scams are also highlighted along with her boyfriend Derrick, as well as Mara, Paxton’s sexy mail-order bride. The fact that nearly every character in Justified is out for what they can get at the expense of others, everything from blackmail and extortion is fair game as the “The Kids Aren’t All Right” takes us back to Harlan.

While the Crowes settle into their new stomping grounds it seems every episode of Justified leaves viewers wanting more, so we are wondering whether Hot Rod will come back to cause more trouble and will his cronies will follow?