Harry Connick Jr. wows as American Idol 2014 judge

As the new look Season 13 for American Idol 2014 promises to freshen up the popular show the only judge back from the previous year is Keith Urban, although we will see the gorgeous catchphrase judge Jennifer Lopez fill the part of the diva. The debut for Harry Connick Jr. looks set to bring more fun to the show, although many fans were hoping he was going to replace Simon Cowell three years ago.

Better late than never, as the show is in need of some new faces and Harry Connick Jr. seems to be the right choice here. In an informative article on Zap 2 It they embrace the new arrivals, especially HCJ as they mention how smoothly the first episode went, regardless of a few ridiculous auditions, which some fans may regard a waste of time.

One of the only criticisms reflected on Madelyn Patterson’s audition, as American Idol enthusiasts may feel that Connick Jr. was building up to deliver some advice, but J-Lo’s love for the girl from Georgia seemed to shout down any opportunity for HCJ to offer some knowledge.

This is where many fans respect what he has to say and remember his time as a mentor with the feeling he could provide some valuable music insight to the contestants. Either way, the new look American Idol shows some positive signs this season and Connick Jr. also provided some funny lines about his popularity and jokes about no one knowing who he is.

In a previous post we dissected the new American Idol 2014 judges and revamp highlighting its 13th season, which could be lucky for some. We also mentioned the previous rivalry between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj taking the emphasis away from the contestants. This gives us reason to believe this season’s final is bound to be more memorable than the last, and with better judges on hand this new look show seems to have give American Idol a new lease of life.

Are you pleased to see Harry Connick Jr. as a judge on the hit show? Maybe this has reignited your love for American Idol?