Revolution Mis Dos Padres contains side adventures

American post-apocalyptic sci-fi series Revolution first debuted on September 17, 2012 and the first season was filmed in North Carolina with many scenes shot in historic downtown Wilmington, while the second heads off to Austin, Texas. After the series was renewed by NBC for another season fans have been treated to another 22 episodes at the new time slot of Wednesdays at 8PM.

Now the programme has had some time to establish itself fans will be intrigued to know more about how this season is panning out, and an extensive article on Buddy TV recaps on the latest episode called “Mis Dos Padres,” the Mexican My Two Dads.

While the aforementioned site also mentions how the return from winter hiatus lacked punch, we are concerned that the current season is not enticing viewers back, so we are less inclined to investigate further spoilers for those wanting to catch up.

According to reports, the Mis Dos Padres episode provided more action as everyone seems to be going their own ways, amounting in around four separate stories to contend with at once. This is fine, but some fans may feel that the characters are getting side-tracked by little side adventures, which in turn takes the emphasis of the mission at hand.

So, we would love to know your thoughts on Revolution Season 2. Do you feel that the side adventures are becoming a bit tedious? Air your views in the comments section below.