Debut Walk Of Shame trailer judgement

New comedy movie Walk of Shame staring Elizabeth Banks as Meghan Miles, a TV reporter who dreams of getting herself into the anchor’s chair, hits cinemas on the 25th of April. And now we have a debut trailer of Walk of Shame for your viewing consideration below.

In Walk of Shame, written and directed by Steven Bill, Meghan allows her friends to convince her to go out partying, and this results in her getting drunk, and meeting and going home with a guy. Come morning Meghan learns she is about to get her chance at that anchor’s chair, but then realises she’s in trouble. She’s in a dangerous part of town, her car and all her belongings have been stolen, and she has to get across LA in 8-hours without her cash, phone or ID so she can make her dream come true.

The Walk of Shame debut trailer lasts almost two-and-a-half minutes, and to me doesn’t really do anything for the comedy aspect of the movie, as I didn’t really find anything that funny in it, so something seems kind of off and a tad tame.

However, Walk of Shame does have an R-rating, so although Green-band trailers don’t really do justice to R-rated movies, hopefully the film should have plenty of adult comedy, and perhaps we’ll get a better insight when a Red-band trailer becomes available.

Or maybe it’s just my personal sense of humour that is the issue here, as the only thing I found mildly funny was when she wanted to borrow the kids bike and he said show me your boobs and you can. Still, head on down and hit that play button, and let us know your views about this debut trailer for Walk of Shame.