Linda Nolan and Jim Davidson’s Big Brother row

This year’s Celebrity Big Brother has not gone unnoticed as plenty of rows and discussions by the housemates have been a talking point on many social media sites with everything from fans backing contestants to complaints made about some of their actions. Prior to tonight’s eviction one of the new arguments that has boiled over concerns Jim Davidson and Linda Nolan.

These happy-go-luck housemates have given us the impression they have never got on in all the years they have known each other, and despite not doing much else to warrant her existence in the house Linda continues to find fault with Jim. This is documented in an article on The Mail Online, which mentions how Linda ended up in tears after a blazing row with Jim Davidson over ‘Frank Carson’s dressing room’.

This sounds like a strange thing to argue about but there must be some underlying story behind this that Jim seems reluctant to share on national television, regardless of his anger towards her. To be fair, we all know Jim can be a sexist male chauvinist pig and this is what he based his successful career on, but we feel he has opened up a can of worms with Linda who is always looking for an angle to attack him.

Regardless of Linda’s hatred towards Jim it seems like Luisa Zissman has been at the centre of many rows within the house and it seems fellow housemate are oblivious to her stirring. Jim Davidson should have known better than to divulge any information to her, as she went directly to Linda to stir up an argument.

Luisa Zissman is a highly successful businesswoman just in case anyone hasn’t her spout on about this enough times, and this she might be, but she has the social skills of an immature child and many viewers are starting to get bored with the sound to her voice.

The row over the vague incident ‘in Frank Carson’s dressing room’ is said to have involved her late husband Brian Hudson, but we are still in the dark about the full extent of this story. Either way, Jim has been trying to keep the peace with Linda to make their stay in the house less awkward, but we get the impression Linda Nolan is trying to counteract being regarded as one of the most boring contestants by being aggressive and miserable as well.

This all comes after Jim asked Luisa how she coped bringing up her daughter without a man, which seemed like a legitimate question at the time, but Linda took offence to this immediately trying to imply this was said in a sexist manner. Poor old Jim is a self-confessed chauvinist and anything that is said by him seems to actually spark a bit of life into the miserable Nolan as she seems to be just looking for an argument, while Luisa seems to be fine with her wooden spoon.

Jim should have learnt not to talk to Luisa or Linda because when asked about the Frank Carson situation he seemed to back down, not wanting to fuel the debate any further, but we get the feeling being on camera has stopped him from telling Linda how he really feels.

Some suggest Linda has become more vocal since she knows she has been saved, but others feel she has poked and picked on him ever since they were released from the handcuffs. As fans discuss their own opinions we get the impression Jim being the victim of Linda’s bullying is making him more popular with the fans, even though some feel he knows exactly which buttons to press with Linda.

If this argument escalates we could see more complaints about the show and we recently discussed Big Brother complaints accumulating even more attention, as Ofcom has stepped in to assess viewer’s issues with bullying, censorship and homophobic comments.

Wrapping things up, who would you like to see leave the Big Brother house in tonight’s eviction? Maybe be you are hoping that a couple will go.