New Amazing Spider-Man 2 image analysis

After watching the latest Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer our excitement for the upcoming movie has peaked and we are now just waiting for it arrival, but those wanting to see more can check out some new images that include stills of Peter and his pal Harry having a discussion.

Additional images of Harry Osborn standing over the new Electro character give us the impression the Oscorp foundation will be a prominent part of this Spidey sequel. A handful of new images can be seen on the respected Cinema Blend website along with the trailer, which is ideal for fans that just want more Spidey action to add to their anticipation.

They highlight some new behind the scenes photos that have recently emerged online giving fans more insight into the film and plot. With near enough four and a half more months of promotion still left, we are hoping that some of these reveals do not spoil the whole experience when it comes out, but on the same aspect we just cannot get enough Spidey news on the upcoming film.

The aforementioned site links off to Total Film’s site as this has even more images to check out, while we thought it would be worth mentioning last week’s post that hit on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 rumours on new villains. In this we discussed poor old Spidey having his hands full with the likes of Rhino and Electro, and speculation surrounding additional villains including a possible cloning subplot.

This gives us reason to question how many villains Marc Webb and co can cram into this film, with talk about Dr. Miles Warren and his biogenetics class at Empire State University in Manhattan. We believe this would be a good storyline for another sequel or maybe this could start emerging towards the end of Spidey 2.

Do you think that Spider-Man reveals will slow down now, or do you feel this is just the start of the promotions leading up to the May release?