UFC drug-testing concerns gains Dana White reaction

It seems to be getting a bit heated in the world of UFC of late as reports on drug-testing in the sport become a popular talking point. This comes as Dana White the president of UFC dismisses concerns from Georges St-Pierre about drug testing.

White also goes on to mention that “everything GSP says is a little kooky,” as he calls the former pay-per-view king out about this subject saying, if St-Pierre “wants to talk like a man he can pick up the phone and call us.” This recent debacle is highlighted on The Star Sports as Dana White dismissed Georges St-Pierre’s concerns calling them “ridiculous“.

After Wednesday night’s fight card White launched his attack on the former fighter after GSP announced he was taking a hiatus from the sport, which comes not long after his controversial win over Johny Hendricks back in November.

Dana White feels that Georges St-Pierre is upset about what he said at the UFC 167 press conference, as he thought Hendricks won the fight, and wants the fighter to talk to him face-to-face about this.

The topic was initiated on Tuesday when GSP was asked by a reporter about UFC not supporting him when he proposed drug testing in the lead up to his clash with Hendricks. In addition, White also suggests that St-Pierre asked for the extra tests to prove to his fans he was not under the influence, not Hendricks.

St-Pierre has remarked about being accused of cheating for number of years, but never tested positive, while White backs their sport’s drug-testing policies and picks out heavyweight Josh Barnett and opponent Travis Browne who were tested before their recent fight, mainly because of Barnett’s drug history.

So, there you have it Georges St-Pierre. Pick up the phone or discuss this face-to-face! Will you miss St-Pierre in the world of UFC? Or do you think that fight with Hendricks proves he is not the force he used to be?