High Robocop 2014 review expectations considering cast

When we first heard about the new Robocop reboot we couldn’t help remaining sceptical about another remake, especially as we are big fans of the original film. However, reports about the cast members have given us reason to rethink our initial reaction and now we are anticipating an entertaining return to the franchise that could be even better than the 1987 version.

With big names like Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton and Samuel L. Jackson we are starting to get excited about Robocop 2014 and an article on The Press-Entertainment website highlights Joel Kinnaman who will be playing Robocop and Abblie Cornish who looks set to play his partner.

Additional cast members include Jackie Earle Haley, Jennifer Ehle and Jay Baruchel, as this film intends to replay the story of the original where a cop is critically injured and used as a guinea pig to test out a half robot, half man creation to take on the criminal elements as a law enforcing machine.

With Keaton and Jackson playing villains we intrigued to know if this version will be as gritty and violent as the original, or whether Robocop will be portrayed more as a hero in this. According to reports the aspects of what makes us human will be explored and how the human spirit can override anything.

From what we understand the film also pays homage to the original silver suit, before this is traded up to sleek looking black suit with a red visor. The black suit is starting to grow on me the more I see it, although I cannot help feeling that some of the violent scenes from the first film may be missed.

High Robocop 2014 review expectations considering cast

I remember watching the original when I was younger and there are a few parts that stick in my mind, like the ambush that traps police officer Alex Murphy, and murders him, not to mention the toxic waste scene and the ED-209 enforcement droid killing a board member during a demonstration.

In our previous Robocop post we highlighted trailer 2 ahead of the 2014 release, while we also questioned whether a remake would be a worthy edition that could reignite the franchise. Robocop 2014 is scheduled to release on Wednesday, 12th February in 3-D and IMAX, which is only a couple of weeks away, therefore, we would love to know whether this great cast will be enough to guarantee this gets a decent review?

  • Ryan

    Sorry, but this is a ridiculous and pointless article.
    “It might be good because it has high profile actors in it”?
    These “high profile” actors haven’t exactly been doing their best work lately and seem to want to take any job that offers a paycheck. Furthermore, I can list literally a dozen films with a big, well-known cast that are utter trash.
    This will be no different. They’ve removed all violence and turned it into PG-13, kid friendly rubbish. They’ve removed every hint of satire, and they have tried to add some silly little “ethical/moral” message in there that was done a whole lot better and smartly in the original.
    This is a bigger disgrace to the original Robocop than the Nightmare On Elm Street remake was to the original, and that’s saying something.

  • Alex Murphy

    Judging from the trailers it looks rubbish. Robocop doesn;t even walk like a robot. and even the Robocop armour suit looks like it is made from cheap plastic. No doubt it will be rubbish, so good advertising will be needed to save this.

  • Alex Murphy

    Check out Zombie’s blog. The review on the new Robocop movie suggest this movie is utter Hollywood garbage. No doubt they will need to convince a lot of people with the explosions and high profile actors to make this break even,

  • Robocop Fan

    You only remember three scenes from the original… that means a lot regarding the interest you have to the original. Robocop 2014 WON’T be better than the 1987 because the original is just perfect and you cannot do better than perfection. Giving it the benefit of the doubt, I give a chance to this remake/reboot as some die hard fan of Paul’s Verhoeven masterpiece already hate it.

  • Fabio Cecin


    This is not a “remake.” The original cannot be remade, and the people making this film are probably aware of it. This will be a good movie that has its own take on the source idea and shares the same character templates. But it is obvious at a glance that this Robocop is not the same original Robocop. The “robotness” of the original Robocop, the look on his face, the chunk of humanity that you knew was taken from the original Robocop _tore_ your heart. You’re never really sure if Robocop is dead or alive, and when he reacts to his programming (and his displays of understanding humour) give the necessary confirmation that the bandits didn’t kill him after all at the beginning of the movie.

    It seems from the trailers that the new Robocop’s more obvious aliveness will spare us from this, and it’s going to focus on cool action scenes and more explicit “political” content since people don’t seem to get satire anymore (i.e. all the people that think Stephen Colbert is real, or the people who watched Verhooven’s Starship Troopers and thought it was promoting militarism for that matter).

  • Gunpla Meister 889

    already seen it in Malaysia…Super awesome… the storyline is strong as their own…. original RoboCop is awesome but the new RoboCop has his own charm.. =)