Revolution Season 3 release unlikely, but not alone

If you happen to be a fan of the post-apocalyptic sci-fi series Revolution, and hoping that the show will gain a third season, unfortunately it looks like you will be disappointed, as the word is it is unlikely there will be a Revolution Season 3. However the show isn’t alone.

NBC abandoned Revolution in Season 2 apparently due to the creative team realising they failed in Season 1, which inspired a start to Season 2, but by then it was too late as the up tick in quality couldn’t be sustained, and Revolution ratings slumped to a series low reports, so it’s unlikely the show will get a Season 3, but who knows.

Other shows that might not see another season include The Michael J. Fox Show, which its debut show drew in over seven million viewers, after which a mid-January episode only managed to pull in two million viewers.

Another sitcom is Sean Saves the World, a show that managed to drag in just 4.5 million viewers for the premier show, but last week dropped to just 2.58 million, and apparently there will be no more of this show as it has been axed.

It also looks like Beauty and the Beast might be on its way out, with constantly dire viewing figures, and hasn’t been able to pull in one million viewers all season, so it does look like there will be no new season for this show.

Sitcom The Neighbors is also in trouble due to critics smearing it when it first premiered, but it did get decent about halfway through its first season, but its ratings haven’t been that great, so it is doubtful this will see another season.

The CBS action drama Intelligence did have a large following when it launched on a Tuesday with in excess of 16 million viewers, but then CBS decided to move the show to a Friday where the show saw a drop of 10 million. And although the show is still young, it does seem to be a bit of a failure for CBS.

When it comes to The Carrie Diaries, the Sex in the City prequel airs on a Friday night, and has managed a 0.4 rating twice, but also one week got a 0.2 rating, so it would appear that the series finale could be its last.

So there you have it, shows that might not gain another series, and if not would you be disappointed?

  • FRED

    Revolution is the only show I can watch without getting bored. But like all shows I like that get the axe, everyone is sorry when it’s too late and talk about how foolish it was to cancel.

  • Darlene6362

    I am so disappointed that Revolution is being canceled. It is the top two of my favorites.

  • Bob Greenblatt

    Revolution is NOT getting cancelled. Obviously you have no idea what you’re talking about. But nice blog.

  • John

    Revolution is kind of boring on the first episodes but when you continue to watch it it actually gets good despite the stupid rachel who keeps going for the lights… but season 1 i just finished and i gotta say not bad i wish they continue the show for 10 more seasons (: but they’ve failed to produce to good and remove all the boring in revolution that’s the problem…

  • tx_wick

    never done one of these accounts….fact is that revolution will have a season 3, let it be said, let it be done….

  • Sophie

    Renew Revolution.
    It’s my favourite show and I have love it from the first episode
    (Charlie and Monroe)

  • Oriley

    You must be having a laugh , how can one of the best shows get cancelled . It’s only just getting started . Plots and twists and all . They just don’t know a hit , even when it pokes them in the eye . Why finish before it’s begun ?