Caterham F1 Design Divides Opinion


The Caterham team have now revealed the new design of the Caterham F1, because rules have changed and forced teams to think differently resulting in lower noses for vehicles so they comply with revised safety criteria.


Some F1 followers are not too happy over the new design, with fans taking to Twitter to brandish the new design as ‘ugly. And according to a report by the BBC, Caterham driver Mark Ericsson has said, “People either love it or hate it. The reaction to the car has been huge, but to me it’s not really important what it looks like, as what counts is how quick it is.”

The Caterham CT05 sports a nose extension, which comes out from beneath the chassis of the green F1, and Ericsson has so far completed a single lap in the new design car.

Mark Smith, technical director for Caterham has remarked that the new design would “obviously inspire most debate”, and that the nose could possibly change shape during the season, and went on to say…”The package we start testing with is by no means our definitive answer and we fully expect to evaluate alternative solutions throughout the course of 2014.”

So what do our F1 fans out there really think of the design of the Caterham F1 car, do you love it or hate it?