Star Wars episode for The Big Bang Theory

Star Wars Day will soon be upon us, and it appears TV show The Big Bang Theory will be marking May the 4th with a special Star Wars episode with the help of the special effects team from Lucasfilm.

The special The Big Bang Theory episode will be called ‘The Proton Transmogrification,’ and will have the gang celebrating Star Wars Day, reports the Independent.

Word is the special episode will include the remote swamp world Degobah, where Yoda spent his exile before meeting Luke Skywalker, and apparently The Big Bang Theory characters will all be wearing Star Wars t-shirts for the episode.

They will also be using several props from the much-loved Star Wars movies, including getting to handle the weapon of choice for the Jedi, the lightsaber.

The special episode of The Big Bang Theory is set to be aired in the United States three days before the unofficial geek holiday on the 1st of May, whilst it is unclear when those over here in the United Kingdom will get to see the special Star Wars episode.

As I am sure any avid Sci-Fi fan knows, every year fans celebrate Star Wars on May the Fourth, which is a play on the movie’s famous line, May the force be with you.