Wimbledon 2014 order of play for Monday June 23

The World Cup might still be going on, but for those who have started to tire of the event, then there is salvation in the way of Wimbledon 2014. Today is day one of Wimbledon and there is some great play taking place, with all eyes on last year’s champion Andy Murray.

Murray is to face David Goffin on Centre Court at 1pm today, June 23, 2014, while No.1 Seed Novak Djokovic will face Andrey Gloubev after the Andy Murray vs. David Goffin match is concluded.

The full Wimbledon 2014 order of play can be found on the BBC website, which has the most extensive coverage of the tournament. You will also find details on the matches in progress, which won’t be until later today, as well as match results.

Other details that will be available to you from the BBC website are IBM Slamtracker, Event Statistics and Event Schedule.

What we also like is how you can print the Wimbledon 2014 ORDER OF PLAY for each day. Take a look at the matches being played today and let us know who you think will win each match, and if you think Andy Murray can do what has only been done four times in the past, and that is to come back and retain his Wimbledon title?