New Cristiano Ronaldo haircut with Mohawk

Twitter has gone from one extreme to the other because the other day there was the whole controversy with Luis Suarez biting Giorgio Chiellini, and now we have something completely different, and that is of Cristiano Ronaldo’s new haircut, which is a Mohawk. We told you it was a complete contrast, but at least it is something positive for a change.

New fashion – With the new Cristiano Ronaldo haircut we don’t expect it will be too long before we see young children asking their parents for a Mohawk, although not sure they will be too happy with the request. However, as with all fads we know that parents will come under increasing pressure, as they will not want their children to stand out and be ridiculed, which we know all too well how critical kids can be.

One thing is certain though; Cristiano Ronaldo no longer looks as slick as he did do because his new hairstyle is very aggressive, maybe Suarez should go for this style?

Portugal faces Ghana tonight and so it will be interesting to see what the fans make of his new style, although some of them have already taken to Twitter.

Some people asked if he has a new hairdo every day, although not sure what else he can do with it now, maybe shave the whole lot off? We have to wonder who he has dedicated this new haircut to and if it will give him and his team better luck later today?