World Cup 2014 knockout stage unfolds with fixtures

The World Cup 2014 knockout stage begins on June 28 with Brazil set to play Chile and Colombia playing Uruguay. This is the time when the teams should have gotten over their slow starts and start to move up another gear, and so this is when the fun really begins.

We have seen Brazil have a decent start, but it is not as dominant as we have seen in the past, but if they have any hope of getting through the knockout stage, then they really need to show their true form, although we wonder if we are thinking of the old Brazilian football team?

As the World Cup 2014 knockout stage unfolds we thought we would offer you an image of the fixtures, although this can be seen in more detail on the FIFA website.

Not being a huge fan of football, it wasn’t too much of a deal seeing England crash out of the World Cup, but I can safely say that the team does not deserve to wear the shirt because it is the worst performance by an England football team since 1958.