Sonny Miller has died, leaves us with amazing films

Legendary surf filmmaker Sonny Miller has sadly passed away, the filmmaker died just a week after Sonny’s mother Suzanne Gilliland died. Sonny Miller died from suffering a heart attack on Tuesday.

Miller leaves us with many amazing films such as his work on Die Another Day in 2002, The Big Bounce in 2004, and of course the documentary Riding Giants, which was about the history of surf culture in 2004, reports Surf-report.

Twitter is rife with tweets from such Sonny Miller fans as SURFAID, who tweeted… “Our deepest condolences to the family and friends of the big-hearted cinematographer Sonny Miller who sadly…

Surfer_Magazine tweeted… “R.I.P. Sonny, you were one of the greats. …” Whilst What Youth tweeted… “RIP Filmmaker Sonny Miller. Sad to hear we lost him today. His films have inspired us for decades and will continue to do so forever.”

Surfer Rob Machado posted a message of remembrance to his instagram account along with an image, which said… “RIP Sonny Miller… North county legend… You will be missed.”

Sonny Miller was aged just 54 when he passed away. Feel free to leave your messages and memories of Sonny Miller in our comments area below.