Guardians of the Galaxy new clip has Drax at Gamora’s throat


With the release of Guardians of the Galaxy almost upon us, the most footage becomes available. Only yesterday we had a Guardians of the Galaxy extended clip arrive, and now another new clip from the Sci-fi romp has become available.

This new clip is called ‘Ever Seen An Aaskvarian?’ and has Star-Lord attempting to quell a rather violent disagreement between Drax and Gamora where Drax has the green-skinned assassin by her throat and threatening her with a blade.

In steps Star-Lord to calm Drax down by showing Drax his scars where he was stabbed with a fork and such, and then tells Drax that Ronan will be coming for Gamora, and that is when Star-Lord pulls his finger across his throat, which Drax takes literally and asks ‘why would I put my finger on his throat.”

It’s not too long now before you can see Guardians of the Galaxy, which is releasing here in the UK on the 31st of this month, and on the 1st of August over in the States, but to be honest, I wonder just how much of this movie has already been seen, which could spoilt it for some.

Anyway, enough from me, if you do enjoy watching these clips from a movie that is so close to release, head on down below and get to it…enjoy.