Star Wars: Episode 7 Gwendoline Christie role possibly exposed


As we all know, anything to do with the upcoming new Star Wars movie has top be taken with a pinch of salt unless it comes from official sources. But as is the way with things, rumours do tend to surface, and a new rumour has surfaced about Gwendoline Christie’s role in Star Wars: Episode 7.

This new rumour centres on the character that will be played by the Game of Thrones star in Star Wars: Episode 7, and as such could possibly include SPOILERS, so you have been warned.

So, the latest bit of gossip concerning the new Star Wars movie is that Gwendoline Christie is possibly playing the commanding officer of the character played by John Boyega in Star Wars: Episode 7. Apparently Christie is somewhat annoyed that Boyega has deserted, and as such starts to hunt him down… ‘She’s an antagonist,’ reports Badass Digest, who says that they have gained this information from their sources.

The article then gives an update that offers more insight into Gwendoline Christie’s Star Wars: Episode 7 character, and claims that she ‘has been training with a lightsaber.’

The report then suggests that Christie could be an Imperial officer, who has a lightsaber and is definitely hunting Boyega.

Of course the article doesn’t say who the sources were, and as such remains firmly in the land of rumour for now.