WWE’s tasteless Malaysia Flight MH17 conspiracy theory

I’m pretty sure everyone knows about the tragic death of the passengers on Malaysia Flight MH17, which was shot down in Ukrainian airspace. Obviously one can feel the heartache of the families of those unfortunate passengers. However it appears that WWE has kicked off quite a bit of outrage on the Internet after a tasteless remark about the disaster.

American actress Catherine Perry, who plays wrestling manager Lana made the tasteless comment about the ‘recent current event’ during Battleground pay-per-view last night, and was booed by thousands of fans, reports the Mirror.

Perry put on a Russian accent to deliver her tasteless comment, and said… “You blame Russia for the recent current events when in fact you Americans should be scolded for your war mongering in Afghanistan and Iraq. Tonight we dedicate this match to the most powerful man in the world. Tonight we dedicate this match the man that makes fools out of all of you Americans.”

WWE often uses anti-American story lines to garner an easy boo for their villainous wrestlers, but fans believed this time they went too far, and took to Twitter to voice their annoyance, some of which you can see below.

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