2014 Commonwealth Games medal tally with count in table

I’m pretty sure sports fans will know that the 2014 Commonwealth Games has kicked off and several medals have already been won by athletes, and in case you haven’t been keeping up with the medal winners, here’s how the Commonwealth Games 2014 medal tally currently stands.

England, Australia and Scotland hold the top positions in the Commonwealth Games 2014 medal table standings, after the first day, with England managing to snatch up an impressive 17 medals.

Those first day 17 medals for England include 6 Gold, 7 Silver, and 4 Bronze, whilst Australia managed to snag 15 medals, which are 5 Gold, 3 Silver, and 7 Bronze, while Scotland won 10 medals… 2 Gold, 3 Silver and 3 Bronze.

So where do those Commonwealth Games 2014 medals come from? Well England won medals in swimming, triathlon, judo and cycling track, whilst Australia won in gold’s for cycling track and swimming, with the rest coming from the aforementioned sports as well as Judo.

Scotland gained their gold medals in judo and swimming, whilst the silver medals came from judo, swimming and cycling track, and the bronze came from judo.

The day 2 Commonwealth Games 2014 medal table standings rank England in first place followed by Canada in second place, and to keep up with all the Commonwealth Games 2014 medal count you can visit here.

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